SEZ Stupino Quadrat participates in elaboration of road map for development of subsectors in chemical industry

In line with the action plan for implementing the strategy to develop chemical and petrochemical sectors until 2030 (Government decree №954-r dated 18 May 2016) the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade elaborates an action plan (‘road map’) for the development of several subsectors of the chemical industry, which includes tire production, paint production and production of chemical fibers and yarns.

Producer of refrigerated semi-finished meat products now resident of SEZ Stupino Quadrat

On the 26th July 2017 the Ministry for Investment and Innovation of Moscow Oblast, the managing company of the Special Economic Zone and the company OOO MeSi signed an agreement about future industrial production in the SEZ.
The Company MeSi plans to build a production site for frozen meat products and chilled semi-finished products. Total investment shall be 180 000 000 roubles and number of workplaces shall be 40. Production start is planned for the end of 2018. The Volume of produced meat and semi-finished products is planned to be 30-40 tons per shift.