GDP QUADRAT gets award for contribution in development of municipal district Stupino

On 9 February 2017 the mayor Pavel Chelpan gave an account of the social-economic development in 2016 and objectives for 2017 at the expanded meeting of the city council of Stupino and the Stupino municipal district. Irina Smirnova, deputy head of Moscow Oblast administration, delivered a speech at the meeting as well.

First meeting of the localization committee at AHK in 2017

The following topic was on the agenda: “Possibilities of the Agency for SME-development to support German companies in their localization projects in Russia. Support measures by the Administration of Moscow for industrial companies and new investment projects.” Fellow chairmen Calin Anton, PNK Group, and Ekaterina Evdokimova, GDP Quadrat, hosted the event.

First Meeting of the Committee for localisation at the CCIFR

Since October 2016 at the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry the Committee for localisation is operating. Its purpose is to discuss options and formats of localisation in Russia, particularities of entry to the Russian market for foreign companies and their participation in joint projects, cooperating with Russian partner firms, and furthermore to carry on the dialogue with authorities.

Foreign investors of Moscow region

Austrian investors are building a bakery company in Stupino, reports the TV chanel 360. Now the company backaldrin are in the process of negotiations with the government of the Moscow region.