Moscow Region attracts Italian investments

From 15 till 17 May 2017, the Government of Moscow Oblast visited Italy in cooperation with the Corporation of Development of Moscow Oblast. The delegation travelled to Modena and Milan, where they held meetings with the Italian business association, as part of a series of roadshows, organized by the government of Moscow Oblast.

SEZ Stupino Quadrat takes part in AIP business mission to Korea and Japan

The event was hosted together by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Korean international association KITA (, the Japanese organization ROTOBO (, the Russian trade office in Korea and the Russian trade office in Japan. Two investment workshops in Tokyo and Seoul were also on the agenda, as well as a series of b2b meetings with local representatives of manufacturing companies, interested in cooperation, investment in the industrial sector and participation in industrial cooperation projects with Russia.

New level of German-Russian cooperation in Stupino Quadrat

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation organized the conference “German-Russian Cooperation – global  challenges, corporate industrial interests of German subsidiaries and interests of the Russian Federation in the sphere of industry” with support of the Special Economic Zone Stupino Quadrat.