Information for Investors

Favorable geography

Proximity to Moscow: huge human and scientific resources of the region, access to the main sales markets and traffic arteries of the country.

Special economic zone

Tax and customs benefits. “One-stop shop” mode is a set of public services in one place.

Unique range of services

Professional Management Company with the widest range of services for residents on the Russian market.

The best investment climate

Fast project implementation thanks to the support of authorities at all levels and many years of experience working with foreign investors.

Reputed Developer

CJSC “MR Group” has more than 10 years of operating experience in the market, 20 commissioned facilities, portfolio - 5 million sq. m.
Ekaterina Evdokimova: 15 years of advising foreign investors in Russia, 10 years the head of Russia Desk in Munich at one of the leading European law firms.


Infrastructure for living

Comfortable housing, advanced medicine, decent education, a variety of opportunities for sports, entertainment and recreation.

Engineering support

Technical conditions for production facilities and ready-made points for connecting to electricity, gas and water supply networks at the boundaries of the land plots.

Recognized by investors

More than 36 large international companies are residents of the Stupino municipal district.

Competitive prices

Competitive, flexible land prices, including engineering infrastructure and technical specifications for energy resources.

Flexible solutions, low risks

A full range of services for greenfield development projects: from land plot purchase to financial solutions and turnkey construction.

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