13th Flagship Conference “Russian Regions and Foreign Investors”

13th Flagship Conference “Russian Regions and Foreign Investors”

During the conference, the participants discussed the current state and prospects for the development of the Russian economy, and the role of the Russian regions in the process.

Thomas Staertzel, Chairman of the AEB Board, made a welcoming speech. He noted that foreign investors believe in the potential of Russia and are interested in developing long-term relations with the Russian regions.

“In 2013, we signed an agreement of understanding with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan. Last year we organised a business mission to Tula and Tyumen. This year we plan to hold the event together with the Rostov and Sverdlovsk regions. We hope that our cooperation will only expand,” said Thomas Staertzel.
The first session was moderated by Natalia Zubarevich, Director of Regional Program, Independent Institute of Social Policy.

The keynote speakers of the first session included Maksim Reshetnikov, Minister of Economic Policy and Development, Moscow City Government; Vera Adaeva, Head of Department for Investment Climate Development, Agency of Strategic Initiatives; Vladimir Andrienko, Managing Partner, Russia Partners; Antonio Linares, General Director, ROCA CIS; Stuart Lawson, Executive Director, EY.

Maksim Reshetnikov said that Moscow offers investors a wide choice of land in urban industrial zones for new manufacturing projects. In addition, benefits are provided on land rental for the time of the construction work, as well as assistance in connecting the utilities.

“Investments should be made in a city that invests in itself. We are creating all the necessary conditions, developing the infrastructure, working to improve the quality of the business environment, reducing the cost of doing business, simplifying administrative procedures; everything to attract industrial investors to Moscow, and for them to develop their projects and associate their ongoing growth with the city,” he concluded.

Antonio Linares noted that there is not enough investment in Russia, and if you carefully study Russian legislation and gain an understanding of the economic situation, a foreign company can have great success in Russia.

"Very often foreign investments are distributed unevenly and are focused in the same regions, and this is not a good thing. It is important to choose the regions where investment is limited. The farther you go from Moscow, the more support you will get from the local administration,” said Antonio Linares.

The second session of the conference was devoted to special economic zones and priority development areas, as well as to foreign investor support measures.

The CEO of the Association of European Businesses Dr. Frank Schauff moderated the session. He noted AEB’s cooperation with a number of regions.

“Lately, we have noticed that the regional authorities have developed a more professional approach in dealing with foreign investors. There are now special agencies to attract investment, and industrial zones offering appealing terms of cooperation, and this is sure to strengthen relations with foreign companies,” said Frank Schauff.

The speakers of the second session were: Igor Marchena, Director of Investor Relations, JSC Special Economic Zones; Sergey Vologodsky, Deputy Director, Industrial Development Fund; Ekaterina Evdokimova, Managing Partner GDP Quadrat, SEZ Stupino Quadrat; Alexey Cherkasov, Deputy Head of the Lipetsk SEZ Resident Liason Department; Alexander Potapenko, General Director, Bekaert Wire; Aydar Murtazin, Head of Investor Relations Division, Alabuga SEZ; Timur Andreev, CEO Moscow Region Development Corporation; Vladimir Pechurchik, First Deputy Director General, Russian Far East Development Corporation.

The final session was devoted to the integration of Russian products in international supply chains. Mikhail Akim, Vice-president, ABB, moderated the meeting.

The session panelists were: Marcus Osegowitsch, General Director, Volkswagen Group Rus; Ivan Bortnik, Advisor to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology; Alexander Filatov, Advisor to the President, Strategy Partners Group; Marina Lipetskaya, Director of the Center for Strategic Research NorthWest Foundation.

“Russia has a large market potential and a relatively low taxes. However, we must work to improve the price to quality ratio and the speed of the supply chain if Russia wants to develop cooperation with foreign investors,” concluded Marcus Osegowitsch.


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