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Charity concert

Dear friends!

The pandemic has affected everyone in one way or another. People are dying from an unknown virus, the world economy is falling and the poverty rate is rising. But life goes on.
This is a time of opportunity for Russian industrial businesses because import substitution will become particularly popular due to the volatility of the ruble and the complexity of imports.
As for the sphere of culture, according to our estimates, it will suffer very much.
Theatre, in the broadest sense of the word, - from classical opera and ballet to modern immersive productions - is the part of our life where we have drawn inspiration for new victories in our professional fields. It was in the theatre that we laughed and cried, living pure emotions - as in childhood - and every performance was a holiday for us.
This joy is prohibited to us by an invisible virus for many months, if not years. In the list of priorities of the state at the time of the collapse of the economy, support for theatre arts, unlike industry, is not at the top of the list. Artists who went on stage every night to give us a holiday, today are left behind: without the opportunity to do what they love, without energy in the eyes of happy viewers, without means of livelihood. That is why we decided to organize a charity concert of world-class tenor, winner of international competitions, and solist of the Phantom of the Opera Sergey Borzov as part of our Art Quadrat project together with the Artist Foundation for supporting them.
Dear friends, you have a great opportunity to enjoy the magic of the voice of a great artist and support those who were left behind without the prospect of rebirth that you have today.