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Management company of the SEZ Stupino Quadrat - a successful management model

On 12 September 2017, the session on "New development model for SEZ in Russia: strategy for increasing investment attractiveness" took place during the "Import substitution" forum, where Ekaterina Evdokimova, Managing Partner of the SWZ Stupino Quadrat, was one of the key speakers.

Evdokimova shared experience of the management company of Stupino Quadrat as an example of a successful management model for SEZ and successful investment acquisitions. In two years since the founding of the SEZ, 17 companies have chosen the SEZ as production location and the first 5 of them start to produce this year.

Special economic zones are extremely attractive to investors worldwide, as they have a positive impact on the development of the industrial potential of a country and the creation of new high-tech manufacturers.

The increase in attractiveness of SWZ for investors is all the more important against the backdrop of global competition for direct investments and therefore solutions are a central instrument for spatial economic development. To this end, between 2014 and 2016, large-scale work was carried out to increase their competitiveness and attractiveness, one of the results of which was a significant increase in the efficiency, the value of which exceeded 80%.

Thanks to the work done, the Special economic zones in Russia have become a key element in attracting direct domestic and foreign investment, which contributes to lowering costs for investment projects, which is confirmed by the increased interest to them from foreign investors, as well as the rising number of residents.

The presence of major Russian and international brands in Russian Special economic zones is one of the key indicators of effectiveness. The success of these companies proves the potential of the Russian market, the competitiveness of localization of production in Russia and the availability of personnel able to work in accordance with international standards.

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