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SEZ Stupino Quadrat participates in elaboration of road map for development of subsectors in chemical industry

In line with the action plan for implementing the strategy to develop chemical and petrochemical sectors until 2030 (Government decree №954-r dated 18 May 2016) the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade elaborates an action plan (‘road map’) for the development of several subsectors of the chemical industry, which includes tire production, paint production and production of chemical fibers and yarns.

The department for the chemical engineering and wood processing complex of the Russian Ministry for Industry and Trade held several meetings with representatives of branch associations, main manufacturing companies and consumers as well as with the producers of raw material in order to define the main lines of the “road map”.

Therefore work meetings were held on 7 and 8 August in the city Yaroslavl, which dealt with tire production and the production of paint material. On 10 August experts discussed the prospects of development in the field of chemical fibers and yarn in Moscow.

The participants of the event discussed possible trends in the subsectors, provision of raw materials for Russian manufacturers and mechanisms of state support. Representatives of the Special Economic Zone Stupino Quadrat explained options for localizing business and tax advantages for residents of the SEZ.

Link to the press release of the Russian Ministry for Industry and Trade.