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SEZ Stupino Quadrat took part in the online discussion "New marketing strategies for industrial parks and working with investors in new conditions", organized by the Association of Industrial Parks (AIP)

The Association of Industrial Parks (AIP) organized the online discussion "New market strategies and working with investors in new conditions."
More than 50 representatives of SEZs and industrial parks discussed opportunities for updating the marketing strategy in the new realities.

Ekaterina Evdokimova, managing partner of the SEZ Stupino Quadrat , said in her speech that the coronavirus, despite its severe consequences for all of us, at the same time gave us the opportunity and time to rethink the relationship and cooperation within the industry. "One of the urgent objectives is to help small and medium-sized businesses that want to organize production, but do not have the funds for large investments in these difficult conditions. We have already found partners and will build ready-made production workshops and rent them out from 500 or 1000 square meters. In addition, we are actively exploring the possibility of creating production facilities equipped with the latest production equipment and provided with qualified workers who can take orders for production from many other enterprises in the same industry. Thus the equipment will be loaded 24 hours 7 days a week, which will increase its payback at times, and the costs of many enterprises using it will be shared by all."

At the initiative of Ekaterina Evdokimova, the AIP will organize a strategic session in the near future to develop specific solutions in this direction.

The SEZ Stupino Quadrat invites investors interested in reliable and efficient investment of funds in the real sector of the economy, and manufacturing entrepreneurs who would like to organize a new or expand the current production with benefits by renting a workshop.

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