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The head of Stupino district made an annual report


The head of Stupino district, Vera Nazarova, made an annual report for 2019 in the building of the district administration.

On February 12, 2020, the head of Stupino district, Vera Nazarova, delivered an annual report for 2019 to residents and public. The event was held in the building of thedistrict administration. It was attended by deputies, business leaders, representatives of youth, public organizations and labor collectives of the district.

During the speech, Vera Nazarova noted that 2019 was the starting point for a new stage of the district's development. The goals for 2030 were defined and formed, which are aimed at moving into the future and improving the living standards of citizens of the Stupino district.

Also, the head of Stupino touched upon the topic of industrial production. "I would like to note that SEZ “Stupino Quadrat” has improved its investment attractiveness rating among economic zones in Russia and has risen from fifth to third place, thanks to an increase of a third in the number of attracted residents in 2019. Moreover, the plan for the construction of engineering infrastructure facilities was exceeded” - Vera Nazarova pointed out.

At the end of the event, a solemn awarding ceremony was held for people who made a huge contribution to the development of the Stupino district. Vera Nazarova presented a certificate and flowers to the managing partner ofspecial economic zone “Stupino Quadrat” Ekaterina Evdokimova.

Anton Loginov, Deputy Minister of investment and innovation of the Moscow region, concluded the award ceremony by congratulating the head of Stupino on her successful work and wishing good luck in her future activities. 

Ступино отчет 2019

Photo made by Sergey Demyanyuk “Stupino News Agency”