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All-Russian meeting of industrial parks


SEZ Stupino Quadrat took part in all-Russian meeting of industrial parks organized by the Ministry of economic development, the Ministry of industry and trade and Association of Industrial Parks of Russia (AIP).

On 24 January in Moscow City, the event brought together members of the AIP of Russia – more than 120 participants from 37 regions to formulate a message of industrial park community to the new Government of Russia and to discuss further development with two supervising ministries (the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade).

Changes to regulatory legal acts and support programs are being prepared in response to an order of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, which was signed in November 2019 and involves state support measures, as well as unifies requirements for industrial parks and developing tools for statistical accounting of information about their activities.

The leadership of relevant departments of the Ministry of Economic Development represented by Olesya Teterina and Ministry of Industry and Trade represented by Vitaliy Khozenko and Denis Tsukanov presented the joint action plan for the implementation of the order of the President of the Russian Federation and further development of industrial parks.

The Ministry ofndustry and trade supported the initiative of the SEZ Stupino Quadrat on amending resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation from 17.07.2015 No. 719 "On the confirmation of industrial production on the territory of the Russian Federation" and other regulatory legal acts. Such a non-financial regulatory tool will allow residents of industrial-production SEZs and industrial parks to obtain the status of products manufactured on the territory of the Russian Federation for industrial products under agreements on their investment activities, similar to the SPIC mechanism, with the provison that they meet the criteria for localization.
"No doubt that along with the benefits of implementing projects in special economic zones and industrial parks, this will lead to an influx of foreign direct investment in the Russian economy," commented Alexey Kuzovlev, Financial Director of SEZ Stupino Quadrat.
"Colleagues from SEZ Stupino Quadrat have extensive experience of interacting with foreign investors at all stages, so they always give us signals about the necessary adjustments to existing legal norms promptly. We will try to do our best to implementat this initiative" – said Denis Tsukanov, Deputy Director of the regional development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.