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On the eve of the French National Day, we will tell you about our French resident

On the eve of the French National Day, we will tell you about our French resident.
Monin is a true kaleidoscope of color and taste. Any drink or cocktail with a drop of syrup or liqueur from Monin will be special.

The first small fruit processing plant was founded in 1912 in the city of Bourges, near Paris, by a Frenchman named George Monin.

La Passion de la Qualite – "Passion for quality" - this is the motto chosen by the company for a reason.
The quality of the product and the constantly expanding range absolutely justify the MONIN slogan.

Since 1930, the Monin plant has been purchasing exotic fruits and plant fruits in all parts of the world. Today, the company owns the largest collection of liquors and syrups in the world and is considered a true trendsetter in the liquor industry. It is difficult to remember a fruit that would not be the basis for liqueur or syrup Monin! They are used in the cocktail art so often that bartenders have given a special name to cocktails with Monin-mocktails.

Since 1993, Monin has been a member of the international Barmen's Association IBA. At any cocktail competition, the company's products receive the highest ratings. The firm is managed by Olivier Monin, a direct descendant of the brand's founder.
Monin's product range includes more than 100 different flavors of liquors and syrups, and every year there are 3 new varieties.
The company is building its first plant in Russia It on the territory of SEZ Stupino Quadrat. The project provides for two production lines, one of which will be launched from the moment of commissioning, and the second – in 2025. It is also planned to launch a line for the production of fruit and berry fillers. Already at the first stage of production, the volume of production will be 8 million bottles of syrup and fruit and berry fillers per year. The company will start operating in early 2021