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OOO ARVALUS builds a plant for backaldrin

backaldrin has been active in the Russian market for more than 20 years, and opened the House of Bread – the “Dom Chleba” – in the capital, Moscow, in May 2007. “In the largest country in the world, as with us, bakery has tradition and good bread and rolls are valued,” says backaldrin CEO Harald Deller. “With our own production, we are setting a new milestone. In this way, we can meet the rising demand of our customers with the most modern equipment and in the usual quality. In addition to the Russian market, neighbouring countries will also be supplied. We'd chosen Stupino Quadrat not only because of its position near Moscow, tax and customs benefits, but also because they have the best consideration to all of our needs".

Stupino Quadrat, located 75 km from Moscow, is a brand new industrial and residential area with very good infrastructure and qualified jobs. In this area, OOO ARVALUS on behalf of the company backaldrin builds the first 4300 m2 of production area. "Austrian company "OOO ARVALUS" is the first that has received the status of SEZ resident Stupino Square" - says Ekaterina Evdokimova from GDP QUADRAT - the company-developer of the SEZ Stupino Quadrat. She is the managing partner of GDP QUADRAT and responsible for the development of the SEZ and the placing of the enterprises. After Asten in Upper Austria, Amman in Jordan, Winterthur in Switzerland, Toluca in Mexico and Cape Town in South Africa, Stupino Quadrat is the sixth production site of the international family business.

backaldrin The Kornspitz Company GmbH, known as the inventor of the bagel Kornspitz, is a leading manufacturer of bakery and confectionery ingredients in Austria, has been successfully operating in 100 countries. A family business, founded in 1964, produces more than 600 kinds of products, including high quality bread improvers, sourdough, special premixes for bread and confectionery products, as well as flavors and toppings. The company has 850 employees worldwide. More information is available on the websites www.backaldrin.com or www.kornspitz.com.