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Producer of refrigerated semi-finished meat products now resident of SEZ Stupino Quadrat

On the 26th July 2017 the Ministry for Investment and Innovation of Moscow Oblast, the managing company of the Special Economic Zone and the company OOO MeSi signed an agreement about future industrial production in the SEZ.

The Company MeSi plans to build a production site for frozen meat products and chilled semi-finished products. Total investment shall be 180 000 000 roubles and number of workplaces shall be 40. Production start is planned for the end of 2018. The Volume of produced meat and semi-finished products is planned to be 30-40 tons per shift.
Armen Simonyan, General Director of OOO MeSi commented: “In connection with the development of import substitution programmes and further development of the agricultural sector, in particular, in stockbreeding, the necessity of meat-processing companies is rising. We plan to use the newest technologies in our factory, which include technologies from abroad, in order to increase the labour productivity and to provide consumers and producers with quality home-produced meat products.”

The SEZ Stupino Quadrat is the only privately founded Special Economic Zone of industrial type in Russia. The unique large-scale project for land development is located 73 km South of Moscow. Total area of Stupino Quadrat amounts to 1000 ha, which comprises the Special Economic Zone (359,5 ha), a residential area, a hotel, several specialized clusters, a festival territory, future housing for employees, eco-farms, studios for artists, schools, colleges and innovative factories.

Land plots in Stupino Quadrat are equipped with transport and communal infrastructure (electrical substation with 100 MW, gas distributing station with 60 000 m3 per hour, railway station on site). The land plots provide localisation opportunities for companies from different sectors.

Ekaterina Evdokimova, managing partner of the SEZ Stupino Quadrat noted: “ We use a comprehensive approach for setting up industrial and social infrastructure and for integrating government support measures, which facilitates effective and fast realization of projects for import substitution and expansion of production capacity in order to develop the market of Moscow region. The SEZ is managed by the professional managing company Stupino Quadrat, which offers a unique range of services on the Russian market: the company negotiates with authorities and offers turn-key solutions, assists in the expansion of the distribution market, including international markets, trains employees in the field of taxation and law and consults domestic producers about measures of government support. It is our job to ensure that the residents of the Special Economic Zone can concentrate on what they are good at – production and sales. We take care of everything else.”