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Development of Special Economic Zones

Today, special economic zones are an approved and effective mechanism for creating industrial production on the territory of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, a key measure of support for the SEZ is economic preferences in the form of lower tax rates and duties. Foreign experience (for example, the concept of the German lawyer and entrepreneur Goebel Titus "Free private cities") and feedback from investors, which we receive, lead to the conclusion that it is possible to develop additional tools to improve the investment climate and increase the attractiveness of placing production in the SEZ. Among these tools:


- independent commercial arbitration, where the arbitrators are recognized, international experts

- private enforcement system

- clear internal regulation of relations with the management company, regulatory authorities, and residents among themselves

- establishment of English law in the redistribution of the SEZ territory (for example, DIFC Dubai International Financial Centre. In 2004, a financial hub for the Middle East was created on 125 hectares from scratch. Total: 2400 corporations, 25 thousand employees)


- migration service, construction permits, commissioning, licensing (issuance of SRO certificates), all functions of state supervision, licenses for educational activities, product certification, customs activities, provision of state subsidies, etc. transferred to the management company. That, in turn, must prove the availability of competent personnel for these purposes or conclude contracts with all services, both with service providers (in so-called gebza in Turkey, in the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi)

- codified administrative regulations for each type of services provided by the criminal code

- CC services are paid for by residents. In case of violation of terms and rules of administration - contractual penalties


- international kindergartens and schools - IB, which can make possible to rotate the staff of international concerns. Education standards and graduation certificates allow for painless relocation of their families

- private medicine of international level with recognition of insurance companies from all over the world

- university with specialized education depending on the specialization of the zone (for example, chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, food technology plus all foreign languages, medicine, law, economics, programming, construction plus business school, university clinic and advanced training programs)

- entertainment venues: theaters, parks, sports stadiums, cultural programs, festivals, international competitions, etc.

Since social incentives cannot be made self-sustaining without a significant financial burden on residents, it is necessary to consider co-financing from the Federal and regional budgets

Political. Extend the guarantee that business conditions will not deteriorate

We believe that the expansion of investment attraction tools will be a logical step towards the evolutionary development of SEZ