“STUPINO QUADRAT” recognized as a Special Economic Zone

“STUPINO QUADRAT” recognized as a Special Economic Zone

Moscow, 14.08.2015

The Government of the Russian Federation adopted the Decree No. 826 on the creation of the Special Economic Zone of Industrial Production Type (SEZ IPT) “STUPINO QUADRAT”.

As acknowledged by the Managing Partner of the Development project for industrial district of “STUPINO QUADRAT” Ekaterina Evdokimova, the unique features of the project include proximity to Moscow, developed transport infrastructure, availability of unoccupied capacities for electricity and gas, and a presence of the satellite-city Novoe Stupino, with comfortable housing options for future employees.

«This is the ninth industrial production special economic zone in Russia and the unique one in the Moscow region, – comments Ekaterina Evdokimova. – “STUPINO QUADRAT” – is the only privately financed project (100%), which received a status of a special economic zone. Our competitive policy is built on the quality-based service. According to the Residents’ (of the Special Economic Zone) needs we cannot only provide the land plot with the required infrastructure. We also take care of the construction process, apply for the issue of building and connection permits, provide for human resources recruiting, procure for project financing, consult with legal and tax audit, provide valuable connections with local suppliers. We can also guide through the debris of state and municipal business support measures. Our approach – “Investor concentrates on the business – the production and sales. The rest is our job”. Nevertheless, the choice of whether to use our expertise or to act independently – belongs to the Resident.”

GDP Quadrat acts as the project developer – the company is the subsidiary of the MR Group, created for the purposes of industrial parks management. The Special Economic Zone will be administrated by the Management Company “Stupino – 2” – also the subsidiary of MR Group. Overall amount of non-budgetary investments for the Special Economic Zone for infrastructure and facility construction will be 6,1 bln. rubles.

The estimated investment amount of potential Residents of the SEZ “STUPINO QUADRAT” amounts to 50 bln. rubles, which in 2015 will result in more than 230 bln. rubles of profit and creation of 6 thousand workplaces.

“STUPINO QUADRAT” – is the project for complex territorial development, which includes 200 ha for residential construction and social infrastructure creation. All development is achieved without governmental financing.

Project Features

Industrial district “Stupino Quadrat” – the new large-scale project of industrial development, located in 73 km south of Moscow. Project is created with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation, regional and municipal authorities. The total area of “STUPINO QUADRAT” – 1200 ha, 20 ha of which are allocated for residential construction and social infrastructure.

In the industrial district, there are 4 industrial parks with cluster division of production types: Shmatovo (food and light machinery production, building materials and logistics), Kolychevo (consumer goods, chemicals, wood procurement production), Verzilovo (light machinery, and vehicle assembly), Petrovo (hi-tech electronics, pharmaceuticals, management companies offices).

Industrial parks in the “STUPINO QUADRAT” are supported with transport and utility infrastructure (substation for 100 MWt, gas-transferring station with 60 000 cub. m. / hour capacity, railroad station on site), poses unique zoning features according to different industrial regulations and requirements. The unique management company with the full spectrum of services will procure their administration: from servicing of the amenities and security maintenance to proprietary locomotives and legal, tax audit and procurement for state and municipal support measures. Project developer – GDP Quadrat – helps investors to rapidly adapt the project suitable for localization and receive all types of permissions and in extra cases to manage the building and construction of production building and finance such projects for future rent or purchase.

The importance of the project was noticed by key news agencies and business resources of the Russian Federation – TASS, “Kommersant”, “RBK”. TV channel “360 Podmoskovye” and much more