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Novoe Stupino


Total area: 2 150 000 sq. m
Location: Stupino District, Moscow Region

Novoe StupinoEco – city is located on the M4 Don federal highway, 75 km away from Moscow. The eco-city project is a combination of comfortable, affordable housing, social and commercial infrastructure and Stupino Quadrat Industrial Park with its environmentally friendly enterprises.

Project Figures

Total area of project 1,200 ha
Total residential area 1,750,000 sq. m
Population 55,000 residents
Stupino 2 Industrial Park 200 ha


In July 2011, the then Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin visited Novoe Stupino Eco-city and held a meeting on its grounds that focused on the development of low-rise housing in Russia.

The partners of the Novoe Stupino project are AHML, ARHML, the Foundation for Development of Housing and Public Utilities, FGC UES, LOCKO-Bank, Rosno, IKEA, X5 Retail Group, Sberbank of Russia, Bank ZENIT, Bank Vozrozhdenie, VTB 24 and other companies. The project is being constructed with support from the Government of the Moscow Region and the Administration of the StupinoMunicipal District.

Photos of the town and objects on the territory you can see in our gallery

For more information please visit the official site Novoe Stupino